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Eduard Dopler
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More contact details available after request.

If you prefer to write encrypted mails, you can use my PGP key: lookup on keyserver or download from me. The key ID is: F7BCEEC5, the fingerprint is: A561 3679 634E 6558 4EDB 4EE5 5E11 DCA0 F7BC EEC5.

External Content, “Disclaimer”

In my posts I try to check all the content I link to. The creation date of the posts is also the point in time I checked the links. I do not want to declare the content I refer to as my opinion. They rather serve the readers for optaining more sources of information. These external links are marked. Comments of visitors and trackbacks (as a special case of comments) are also to be classified external. If I experience that any referred content is unlawful or of any other objectionable form, I will check and delete it as soon as possible.


This server is powered by green electricity, all software is minimalistic and optimized for performance.


If you like my content and want to support me, you can do so via flattr. You'll find the link below each article. Merci beaucoup!


Privacy is important to me. Therefore the only statistical tool I use is Piwik which is open source and acts as a source of optimization without storing personal data. Moreover records are not being sent through the internet and thus are not saved or copied in untrusted locations but only on this server. In addition the last digits (2 bytes, like 0.0.x.x) of IP addresses are deleted before I can access them.
Piwik is configured to respect the Do-Not-Track-Header. If you have it activated in your browser settings, you are excluded from tracking automatically. Another option to achieve this is to change to following link. It will set a cookie which disables tracking.


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