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Usage: avrdo C-file
Needed Packages: gcc-avr, binutils-avr, avrdude
A Script for all Atmel AVR programmers. It compiles C source files and writes to the chip. It uses avr-gcc, avr-objcopy and avrdude. (1,8KB text/x-shellscript) oder (709B application/x-gzip)


Usage: fbwlan 0|1
Needed Packages: wget
Enable/Disable WiFi functionality on FritzBox routers. (719B text/x-shellscript) oder (360B application/x-gzip)


Usage: ffm-lame source destination Lame-quality_level
Needed Packages: ffmpeg, lame
Sadly Lame is only able to process uncompressed PCM data. Thanks to ffmpeg with its huge pool of supported formats we are able to prepare a large set of formats, in order to enable Lame to create first class MP3 files – even out of video sound tracks. This script handles the piping. (207B text/x-shellscript)


Usage: ffm-ogg source destination Vorbis-quality_level
Needed Packages: ffmpeg, vorbis-tools
Like ffm-lame but for OGG Vorbis files. (267B text/x-shellscript)


Needed Packages: wget
Echos the current remote IP. (139B text/x-shellscript)


Usage: mypngcrush PNG-file
Needed Packages: pngcrush
Often I need the same settings for my Internet pictures which I process with pngcrush. This script predefines them. (238B text/x-shellscript)


Usage: sethellg brightness_level
Needed Packages: policykit-1
My Notebook Fn-Keys did not work for a while so I used this script to set the brightness. (103B text/x-shellscript)


Usage: xat time|now+nmin message
Needed Packages: at, libnotify-bin, zenity
An alarm timer that uses Zenity for output. See the syntax of at for details, e.g. now+5min and append the message you want to display. (771B text/x-shellscript) oder (488B application/x-gzip)


Needed Packages: zenity
This script prints the output of the network analyzing tool netstat in Zenity’s nice grid view.

xnetstat Screenshot (279B text/x-shellscript)


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