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Maverick – “Upgrade of the Death” or: The 2nd Try

Although Ubuntus upgrade system should be technically mature by now, I had to experience quite a set of problems after my transition from Lucid to Maverick last month:

Most notably the first phenomenon led to a computer one definitely could not work with. Every few seconds I had freezes—which lasted until I moved the mouse cursor. Typings got lost after some characters and appeared as recently as the mouse moved. It may be possible that the problem is associated with Bug 30032.

And because it’s pointless…

All these circumstances finally forced me to reinstall Ubuntu from scratch. Having updated all backups, I moved the Maverick image onto my USB drive and installed it.

And since I have to do the same things after an system installation over and over again, I decided to create a special in this blog: CUDS! Change-Ubuntu-Default-Settings. Having this available it is not necessary to search these tricks online every time.

Let’s go!


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