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Ubuntu with Rolling Releases?

The graphics updates gurus from Phoronix believe that Ubuntu is turning into a rolling release distribution. Mark Shuttleworths recent comments are the cause for this speculation.

Rolling Liberation?

The term Rolling Release means in the IT world that an application (here: Ubuntu) is not published on predefined dates with its components but without a regular interval, rather daily.

So we have a bifocal perspective here: On the one hand we will always get new versions of our programs (major releases, too). On the other hand fixed update cycles have their right to exist. Thinking of administrators, one can see that they depend on them in order to plan when components should be updated e.g. to minimize the risk of inconsistent systems. Besides the system state is easier to evaluate.

If the positive or negative aspects of this paradigm change predominate one has to find out for oneself. I as well am not sure yet which opinion I am going to represent. But dreaming of the “loss” of the necessity to compile applications with new features or to use PPAs or to wait for six months for them, I would tend towards supporting this decision.


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