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femto blog system

femto lives up to its name: Being a minimalistic system, it satisfies all my requirements for a blog system (and maybe yours as well): simple, speedy and secure.
femto is no overkill software. It tries to do one thing well, without bugging you. Nevertheless/Therefore the feature list tells its own tale:


Another blog software, rly?

Thanks but no thanks. There are a lot of existing systems! And why should I take the trouble to switch?
Certainly there are enough solutions. But none could meet all my demands (see above), so someone had to come up with a new one. Why taking the trouble? Well maybe because a decent percentage of us did take the trouble to switch systems—and did not regret it.

Plain talking. What it is the good?

In the end you benefit from your visitor’s satisfaction. Enjoying your blog, they tend to come back, to advertise for it, to link it. But what does provide this positive user experience?
Well, personally I like short page loading times, especially when I am mobile. That is why femto tries to reduce the transmission volume wherever possible (and reasonable). It uses JavaScript only where really needed and as efficient as possible; its PHP functions were time-optimized and all database queries kept to a minimum (most pages demand only one request).
Design is a matter of taste, sure. Anyway, the included standard CSS file intends to be a classy, readable and accessible alternative to what we usually find on the web. Responsiveness included (try to scale your browser window). By the way, being part of an open system, the design as well can be personalized or completely replaced.
In an indirect way, but certainly fundamentally, users benefit from a secure system. A system that users can rely on even if something bad happens. So they know that their origin is confidential (IP address) and their passwords are useless to anyone else. By default femto removes all but 2 bytes from all IP addresses and prints them nowhere public. Plus, all authors’ passwords are hashed safely and salted–and renewed on every login. If possible it uses the database’s user and policy management. Talking about the database: All queries are SQL Injection-hardened using Prepared statements.
Simple, speedy, secure. Open-source and customizable. How does your current blog system lines up?

Okay, screenshots?

You are looking to kind of a live screenshot… Besides, a clickable and scrollable one.

Information, please

femto blog system is hosted on github. You can find the download and (soon) documentation there and everything you need to know:
femto blog system on github

As always—particularly this time—all kind of feedback is very welcome!


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