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No Window Decorations with Compiz and Lucid

Since my upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid I use Compiz for nice 3D desktop effects—thanks to the native acceleration support updates for my ATI graphics which finally allow a real out-of-the-box experience.

But now I noticed missing window frame borders, i.e. from time to time after a login no window borders are drawn. And that is—to put it mildly—not very nice:

Screenshot Nautilus without window borders


Not being ambitious enough regarding this rare case to search for the causes, I decided to just solve the problem whenever it appears.

  1. Alt+F2 and enter: killall gtk-window-decorator
  2. again Alt+F2 and: gtk-window-decorator

That kills Gnomes window compositing manager and restarts it in a second step.

Register gtk-window-decorator in ccsm

Moreover the gtk-window-decorator was not registered in my CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm).

Having installed the compizconfig-settings-manager package from universe, you can take care of that in the tab Window Decorations in the text field Command.

Screenshot Window decorations options in CCSM


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Thank you, dude ;)Its a creation on my own. I call it GartenEdenTheme. Based on the standard theme of the previous WP versions, I edited it mostly, both HTML and CSS. By using many CSS3 features, it has a nice modern look&feel, I think. On the other hand, CSS3 is not supported by old browsers, thats why there is also the LQ version.
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Hi dude, what theme is your blog using? Its incredible


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