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HP Spectre 13 with Linux: Wifi/Sound problems solved

After two months of intensive usage of my new Ultrabook my result for it remains positive. Most of the criticism I had disappear slowly, most importantly the bad Wifi situation and the bad sound (compared to Windows).

Problem: Wifi connected but no Internet

The problem with the Wifi connection disappeared almost magically (aka through Kernel updates). It is difficult now to find the solution but I think since Ubuntu’s Kernel version 3.13.0-27 everything transmits fine. Nevertheless I already had a stable connection after simplifying the WPA2 password and changing the Wifi channel to <10. So I cannot reproduce anymore which change was the one bringing luck. Now I use Kernel 3.15.

I think it is worth mentioning that the Bug Report #42978 for this is still open.

Problem: Dull, bass-less sound despite „BeatsAudio®

The summery of my efforts trying to improve the very good sound quality compatibilities of the Spectre 13 with Linux is:

I tried changing the frequency which indeed resulted in a way better sound quality with somewhat one can call bass. The following line made it possible:

sudo hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC1D0 0x1a 0x795 0x00

You can hear the result immediatly, also while playing music. Actually you have to run the command after every startup but I informed the Kernel hackers about his circumstance so I hope there will be a patch in the upcoming Kernel versions.

Update 06/27/2014: The Patch is approved and will be added in Kernel 3.16(-rc2), maybe it will also be backported to stable kernels.
Besides, we managed to make the mute LED work.
If you want to patch your kernel manually, you can find it here.


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