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Adobe Flash and 64-bit – No News in 10.2

Just a small overview of the current news coverage about Adobe Flash:

In this way or similar 64-bit users are greeted these happy days of Adobes 10.2 release of Flash. Thinking about the good portion of Linux users using 64-bit systems for many years, I assume something like brazenness on the software vendors side.

At the same time the new features list is quite impressive. First to mention the support for hardware acceleration when rendering video material which results in a very noticeable amount of CPU time (and likewise power) saving.

But not a bit of that for the 64-bitter in our rows. Indeed there is a beta version called Square but this one is buggy and its features play catch-up.

Adobe: VDPAU only, ergo Nvidia only

At this point it is also very easy to tie in with Adobes decision to allow hardware acceleration only via VDPAU (after having a rant session about all graphics technologies on Linux). Being supported only by Nvidia graphics cards, VDPAU is nothing for Radeon users like me. So no treat for me and many, many others.

Speaking of hardware acceleration, for the sake of completeness I have to add that AMD is acting similarly unacceptable. But Adobe had the chance to leap ahead. In this vein their reasons for not using the wide-spread VA-API will remain Adobes secret.

As I said before the technology is not new so one could assume and expect that a software vendor like Adobe can afford allocating developers for these things—most notably as a provider of an important technology like Flash.

Being a discriminated end-user I do not have to think about reasons for that but I suspect that the Windows dominance plays an important role in this case as those users (even in the newest operation system versions) use this architecture seldom but still favor 32-bit.

Well, lets hope that Adobe get their act together.


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