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CUDS #6 Store Terminal Size permanently

Another Ubuntu/GNOME default setting that has to be adjusted is the terminal size which, in my opinion, runs small.

The Theory

The syntax of the GNOME Terminal enables us to pass the desired geometry settings as argument when starting an instance. It expects the following style: WIDTHxHEIGHT+XOFFSET+YOFFSET (mind the X and the plus) while width and height are interpreted as amount of characters and the offsets as pixels.

So my preferences for a convenient medium large terminal looks like this:

gnome-terminal --geometry=88x20+0+0

... for all Terminals, please!

Of course you do not want to start such an terminal out of another one. Wouldnt it be practical if all terminals, as well those started via hot key/keyboard shortcuts, used the same setting system-wide and by default? Now the GNOME dialog “Preferred Applications” comes into action.

Change Terminal Size permanently

In the tab “System” in the field “Command” you can enter the command for the geometry setting and every instance will regard it.

Fooling Auto-Completion

There is another detail to pay attention to. Since Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick the dialog deactivates the fields and changes the box as soon as the string gnome-terminal is entered. By entering this term after the other part, you finally get what you want.


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