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CUDS #5 Give Root User same Design

In order to have a homogeneous design on your desktop, particularly with programs using root/admin rights, you need no magic. Strictly speaking it is almost as easy as setting up the artwork for all other users.

From Terminal to GUI

Normally, if you want to adjust fonts, the theme or the like, you navigate in the GNOME menu through System → Preferences → Appearance. All you have to know is that this starts the dialog gnome-appearance-properties. Using the command

sudo -u root gnome-appearance-properties

runs the same program with root privileges. All settings done here are saved in the root user profile and will be used from admin programs. That means if you change all preferences to the ones set in your users dialog, you will have an uniform design with all applications.

Users like me who make often use of extended rights (e.g. to change config files beyond the $HOME) will appreciate not having to change the font size in every single editor.


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