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CUDS #4 When Laptop Lid is closed: Do nothing

You know the problem: Smoothly moving to another table with your notebook. So we pack our things, close the laptop lid and set all up again at our new position. Standy/Hibernate? Not necessary for this short time. And that is why I Change this Ubuntu Default Setting after a reinstall.

Please, ignore it!

Before Ubuntu 10.04 Karmic this lovely option was only two clicks away: System → Preferences → Power Management. There one could fine a dropdown menu called “When laptop lid is closed”.

Well, the current Ubuntu release does have this field, too. But the “Do nothing” option is missing. In order to get it back we have to use — guess what — gconftool.

gconftool-2 -s /apps/gnome-power-manager/buttons/lid_ac -t string "nothing"

Not just Blank Screen?

But why not simply the option “Blank screen”? Because it blanks all output screens. Consider a scenario with an external monitor which is plugged to a notebook. If you close the laptop lid, the external device, too, will fall asleep. The most simple way to accomplish that is the mentioned one-liner.

Simplicity rules!

At this point I have to pass criticism on the delusional simplicity ideology of Canonical/GNOME. It does make sense to remove all unnecessary options users does not use often, in order to have clean and efficient dialogs. But was this option in a dropdown menu really useless to most users? Thinking of various desktop replacement systems, I would say no. And gconf is too unhandy for most users. Just my two cents.


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